Lonesome Ride
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Title:  Lonesome Ride

Author:  Aimee DuPré

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Category:  Peacemakers Fan Fiction April 2006 Word Challenge

Rating:  G

Pairing: none

Spoilers: The story does contain references to episodes of the original series, but no spoilers are given away.

Archive: Yes, at http://www.fanfiction.net/, http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/peacemakersff/, and at author’s website, http://aimee-dupre.tripod.com/. 

Summary:  Jared Stone ruminates on a trip from Denver to Silver City.

Warnings: none.

Disclaimer: The characters in the story (with the exception of new characters created by Aimee DuPré) are the sole property of PeacemakersÔ, USA Networks, and in association with Michael R. Joyce Production. This is a work of fan fiction that intends no infringement on copyright or trademark.

  1. Lonesome

A lonesome ride from Denver back to Silver City was just what Jared Stone needed to blow off the dust from his thoughts.

  1. Spring 

Spring had finally arrived, and new growth was everywhere around him.

  1. Gentle 

The gentle sway of the horse underneath him made him slightly drowsy.

  1. Snow  

The snow was gone except from the Colorado mountaintops, where it remained all summer.

  1. Warmth

Warmth from the morning sun caused him to shed his duster.

  1. Hate    

He was starting to hate the cold and the blizzards, and he looked forward to returning to his home.

  1. Reason

He wasn’t sure of the reason; was it because he was getting older or should he call it maturity?

  1. Drink   

Recently, a drink of cool, clear mountain stream water tasted better than whiskey.

  1. Happy 

He was happy here in the Colorado mountains, even if his bones occasionally ached with the frigid cold and the high altitude made breathing difficult.

  1. Need   

A need he hadn’t been aware of had been fulfilled.

  1. Fear    

A fear hidden deep within had been conquered.

  1. Family 

New friends had replaced his family, long ago separated and scattered by the war.

  1. Table   

He imagined looking across a dinner table at young Katie, her life and dreams forever changed by her father’s untimely death.

  1. Cell     

He chuckled to himself at the memory of Finch handcuffed to the jail cell.

  1. Office  

His office would never be the same since the arrival of the studious detective.

  1. Porch  

Jared loved sitting on his porch in the evenings, talking to the young ones who would all too soon be taking his place.

  1. Bed     

A bunk over the marshal’s office had replaced his former bed under the stars.

  1. Water  

He paused in his ruminations to dismount and water his horse from the cool running stream, full of water from the melting snows.

  1. Saddle 

Out of habit, he checked the cinch of his saddle and tightened it a notch before mounting up again.

  1. Love   

His love for horses had begun when he was just a lad.

  1. Strange

It was strange how his life had not turned out at all as he had imagined at that young age.

  1. Children

Children have such an optimistic outlook on the world.

  1. Event   

One event can change all that, bringing distrust, disappointment, and disillusionment.

  1. Dance 

His dance with death in the Union cavalry had been his turning point.

  1. Music  

The music of war had begun spirited and patriotic, subtly changing to a dirge of misery and loss.

  1. Camp  

He shook his head as if to shake away those dark thoughts, and he made camp as the daylight waned.

  1. Stove  

A small campfire became his stove.

  1. Coffee 

The coffee he brewed was strong and black, and it seemed to fuel his random thoughts.

  1. Hat      

He laid his hat beside his bedroll and gave his sandy curls a tousle.

  1. Rope   

He slowly wound up the length of rope he’d used to cut off enough to hobble his horse.

  1. Jail      

Back at the jail, he had a lot of paperwork to catch up on.

  1. Pipe    

He lit his pipe and took a long drag, then blew out thick, bluish smoke.

  1. Cat      

He hoped Finch remembered to look after the jailhouse cat in his absence.

  1. Dress  

His mind wandered back to the new dress Katie had bought for the dance.

  1. Content

She seemed content with her life in Silver City, and he regretted calling her an old maid.

  1. Vision  

Far from it; she was a vision when she got fancied up.

  1. Telephone

If he were twenty years younger, he’d telephone her and tell her that.

  1. File      

He smiled as he thought how she’d file that away to think back on later.

  1. Jail      

But the jail was never far from his mind.

  1. Marshal

After all, he was a U. S. Marshal.

  1. Star     

His tin star stood for justice and the law coming to the west.

  1. Church

Once the church-going folk arrived, lawmen were required to keep the peace.

  1. Compassion

But even righteous justice must be tempered with compassion.

  1. Brute   

Brute force never accomplishes anything.

  1. Gamble

It was a gamble Stone had taken and won.

  1. Flower

He spread out his blanket and laid his head down next to a tiny blue flower poking out of the soft spring ground.

  1. Trust   

That was one thing he could still trust in – spring would follow winter as surely as morning would follow night.

  1. Marriage

Just as the seasons, he had a perfect marriage of justice and law, peacekeeping and peacemaking.

  1. Home  

His home was in Silver City, doing his job as only Jared Stone could do it.

  1. Smile

A smile crossed his lips as he closed his eyes and welcomed sleep.



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