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 These are some of Aimee’s favorite links, in no particular order.

Places to publish your original stories

Strange Horizons         

Fiction Press                

Live Journal       

Movie Scripts and Screenplays Web Ring Home Site

Shared Writing     

Freedom of Speech, Fan Fiction     



Writing Tips

Final Draft                    

Fiction Factor  

Ideas for Writers:  great tips to make you a better writer

Random Plot Generator

Random Name Generator

Alice Rasley's writing articles can be found at


Characterizations and Personalities

Personality Test Center   

IQ tests                              


Baby Names 

 Etymology and history of first names

The Enneagram Institute (Personality studies)


Historical Research

The Gentlemen’s Page      

Cyndi’s list of genealogy sites on the internet   


Legends and Folklore

Urban Legends and Folklore  


Truth or Fiction?                 



Babel Fish language translator

Encarta dictionary and thesaurus


Rhyme Zone              

Find quotations         

Researching quotes, sayings and literature


Miscellaneous Places to Look up Information

Online mysteries, mystery games, mystery books and resources. For everyone who enjoys a mystery...                                

Every Rule in the Universe (games, sports, etc.)

Internet Movie Database            

Public Information Resource       

The Library of Congress             

The Internet Public Library         

Microsoft’s Terraserver (world maps)

Terraserver (world maps)           

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Project Gutenberg (free e-books)

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Movie Scripts          

Search Microsoft’s Knowledge Base;EN-US;KBHOWTO

Web M.D.  

The Blue Letter Bible (bibles, commentaries, etc.) 

The CIA World Fact Book



Internal Revenue Service             

The White House                        


Aimee’s Favorite Fan Sites

Tom Berenger






Tom Berenger current month TV schedule



Jenny's fansite is fantastic!  Visit often for updates.  Get on the mailing list for monthly e-newsletters.  Join the group's very active email list to keep up on what Mr. Berenger's latest projects are.  The group is very close-knit, and you can join right in or just "lurk."



Tom Berenger Online



Tom Berenger filmography on the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) 

  Tom Berenger Fan Listing by Bev Woolf 

  Brad Johnson


Brad Johnson current month TV schedule


Brad Johnson online


Brad Johnson filmography on the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) 


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