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How to Write

        Do you have a compulsion to write?  Are you obsessing about seeing a story you have written in print or on the web?  Do you have a strong desire to improve your writing skills?  Do you want to be a popular storyteller?

        Then these links are for you!

Writing tips are now archived at my blog.

I.  Writing Tips (coming soon!)

A.  Definitions of Types of Fiction  

B.  What's the difference between a metaphor and a simile?

II.  Characterizations (coming soon!)

III.  Plots and Plotting Information

A.  Murphy's Laws (Home)

Laws of Cops        Laws of Combat      Laws of Police    

Laws of War         Miscellaneous Laws          Laws of Love

B.  Things We Learned at the Movies

C.  How to Write Detective Stories

IV.  Feedback

A.  Feedback -- Giving and Receiving 

V.  Links -- these links are still right here on my writing webpage.

A.  Links to places to publish your stories, other writing tip sites, characterizations and personalities, historical research, legends and folklore, languages, miscellaneous research places, and Aimee's favorite fan sites (Tom Berenger and Brad Johnson).



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